Summer in Macedonia


The crystal blue waters of Ohrid Lake attract the attention of more and more tourists every year

Various attractions and places make Macedonia an attractive destination visited by both tourists and locals during the whole year and a country where you will enjoy warm hospitality. During the summer the temperatures can soar to the high 30’s and can last weeks, so we’ve made a short list of the top summer destinations.

One of them is Skopje, the capital of Macedonia and a city where you will enjoy the beauty of many parks, churches, monasteries, shopping malls, restaurants and other attractions. Walking across the capital is a real enjoyment, the city centre is amazing and filled with many tall buildings, monuments, churches, cafes and restaurants and it is attractive during all four seasons. Although during the summer it can be very hot, we simply cannot exclude Skopje from this list because it has so much to offer.

 Find time to see the beautiful monument and fountain Alexander the Great located on the Macedonia Square or enjoy walking across the popular Macedonia Street, visit the memorial house dedicated to Mother Theresa and feel the warmth and the positive energy that surround the city. For even bigger relaxation take a walk near the river Vardar and observe the beauties around as well as the vivid way of life of the Macedonians. Skopje prides itself on many stores and shopping malls, thus you can fulfill your free time relishing shopping in Ramstore Mall, Skopje City Mall, Capitol Mall or any other shopping district. If you love nature and you want to avoid the city noise and traffic then the Vodno Mountain is an ideal destination for you. On the highest point of the mountain there is the well-known Millennium Cross which was constructed to serve as a memorial of 2,000 years of Christianity in Macedonia and the world. 

Skopje Centre at night (photo by: Thomas Chistensen)

For all adventurous souls, Vodno is an ideal place for mountain biking which is an excellent way of exploring the area, enjoying fresh air, green surroundings and capturing breath-taking views of Skopje. Only 15 km away of Skopje there is another relaxing and refreshing destination called Canyon Matka which is located in the course of river Treska. It is a splendid mixture manmade objects and with plenty monasteries, churches as well as several caves and specific flora and fauna. Besides walking and enjoying green scenery, the Treska Canyon is open for kayaking and it also represents the most important alpine climbing center in near Skopje

But of course the top summer destination is not Skopje, but Ohrid as it attracts a large number of visitors who are amazed by the outstanding nature and beautiful attractions this town offers. The crystal blue waters of the Ohrid Lake attract the attention of more and more tourists every year. There are numerous beautiful beaches where you can relax including: St. Naum Beach, Lagadin, Trpejca, Kaneo, Kadmo, Slavija and several others. The Ohrid Lake lies in an area surrounded by beautiful mountains and hills. On its northern shore, lies the ancient city of Ohrid with the Samuil’s Fortress as the highest point of the hill. The original structure of the Fortress once contained walls long 3 kilometres and high 16 metres, nowadays 18 towers and four gates still remain. Ohrid has a rich history, thus the city prides itself on beautiful churches and monasteries among which the Church of St. John at Kaneo is one of the most popular. This church is situated on a cliff and it is decorated with ceramic decorative sculptures and stone carvings as well as fragments and portraits, its architecture is a mixture of Byzantine and Armenian styles. 

Canyon Matka

Another beautiful church bears the name of St. Sophia and it was built on the foundations of an ancient sacral construction. Once, the church had a main cupola, side galleries and a large bell – tower, during the 14th century two little domes and gallery were built and today the church represents a three - naval basilica and a masterpiece of medieval architecture. Furthermore, there are other magnificent churches and monasteries including: Monastery St. Naum, Church of St. Nicola Bolnicki, St. Clement and Pantelejmon Monastery as well as many Islamic monuments.

There is a second summer destination on Lake Ohrid and it is a place which impresses with tranquility and splendid nature. Its name is Struga and it is a town where you can find beautiful beaches, hotels and is best characterized by the river Crn Drim that splits the city in two as it makes its way out of Ohrid Lake. During your stay in Struga find time to visit the house of Miladinovci Brothers, the Old Bazaar or simply relax on one of the three beaches called: Male Beach, Female Beach and Galeb. Struga is visited the most during the summer, when in August at the Poetry Bridge the Struga Poetry Evenings are held. Writers, artists and poets from Macedonia and all over the world visit this beautiful manifestation every year. During your spare time take a walk by the lake, by the river or at the centre of the city or just enjoy delicious coffee and meals at some of the restaurants and bars in the town. 

Ohrid (photo by: Gjorgi Vacev)

Besides the three destinations above, the mountains are often visited as people want to get away from the heat. So near Ohrid and Struga you will discover the National Park Galichica, a mountain which is synonym for pure nature, fresh air and magnificent views. This National Park is located in the south-west of Macedonia, at the meeting point of the borders of Macedonia, Albania and Greece. Here the visitors will have an opportunity to see rare species of flora and fauna as well to capture breath-taking views from the heights of the mountain. Furthermore, Galichica offers memorable experience for all those who have adventurous soul and love biking. The plateau at the top of Galichica National Park is an ideal spot for mountain biking trips and at height of 1.400 meters above sea level there is nothing more exciting than getting fantastic views of Ohrid  and Prespa Lake and exploring the brilliant scenery. One thing you must try is paragliding from the top and seeing Ohrid Lake and city from a unique perspective. An experience that will last you a life time.

Macedonia has a lot to offer and many destinations that proudly represents, thus visiting this splendid country and spending time here among polite and friendly people is always a good idea. The magnificent tourist attractions, complemented by warm hospitality and tasty traditional specialties will make you feel like being at your own home and you will leave with the thought to come back here as soon as possible. 

Paragliding down from Galicica