Weather Overview

Macedonia is located on the forefront of two confilicting climates, Continental Europe and Mediterranean. This means that the parts where continental climate is dominant the weather will likely feature hot summers and cold winters, this includes cities Skopje, Bitola, Kumanovo, Tetovo, Shtip. Although Ohrid can have signs of a continental climate its summer temperature is below the country's average considering its altitude and the effect of lake Ohrid. Bitola's geographical position makes it the coldest city in the country year in year out.

Ohrid Lake (photo by: I.Nikolovski)

The mediterranean climate is present in the south-eastern parts of the country and most notably cities like Gevgelija, Dojran and Strumica. The effect is mild winters and very hot summers. Gevgelija is known as the sunshine city and holds the highest temperatures in the country almost day in and day out. 

The seasons in Macedonia

Spring (April, May) and Autumn (September, October) are the best for sightseeing and exploring the cities, since the temperatures are just right and make the long walks and adventure sports comfortable and enjoyable. The prices are also lower than the usual high season prices (which are still lower than the majority of European destinations). During these two seasons the temperatures can vary quite a lot so expect both warm and cold periods.

Summertime is everyone's favourite  period and Macedonia has plenty to offer. Although the temperatures are constantly above 30°C, frequently above 35°C and sometimes even above 40°C(especially in the southeast region), there is plenty of choice for cooling off. The mountains and national parks provide plenty of freshness and a possibility for sports, adventures and relaxation. And if you prefer the water, then the majestic Ohrid and Ohrid lake is the main destination for you, with plenty to see and do in the town and its crystal clear and crisp waters. Another choice for a more secluded and alternative vacations are Lakes Prespa and Dojran.some_text
Dojran Lake (photo by: Vesna Markoska)

If you are visiting during the winter months the mountains again are the best hosts. With two major ski centres and several smaller winter resorts, all with prices quite lower than what you're used to in Europe, the offer is quite satisfactory. If you prefer to have an all in one deal, with both skiing, relaxing and hiking then Mavrovo is the destination for you, otherwise for the thrill seekers there are Ski Kozhuf and Popova Shapka resorts that offer great tracks for advanced as well as beginner skiers and snowboarders. If relaxing is your thing, Berovo, Pelister and Krushevo are more than welcoming with great hiking trails, amazing sights and perfect relaxation possibilities. If you're spending time in the cities during winter be prepared to see some fog and clouds since the geographical characteristics of our mountainous country create many valleys surrounded by high peaks.