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  • Address: Vardarski Rid Str., Gevgelija, 1480
  • +389 34 213 267

Motel Restaurant Vardar - Macedonia

If you're searching for a green, calm surrounding with great food and pleasant atmosphere then Motel Restaurant Vardar is your perfect choice...

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Motel Restaurant Vardar is one fo the most famous dining destinations not only in Gevgelija but also the whole southern part of Macedonia. 

Its story begins more than 40 years ago when it was built by the state as a stop point on the highway to neighbouring Greece. Since then Motel Restaurant Vardar has been one of the favourite places for passing tourists and locals for refreshment, dinner, lunch and overnight accommodation. With years of traditional and experience under its belt Motel Vardar swiftly became one of the best places for events and celebrations, including weddings. Their large terrace and indoor area easily accommodates up to 350 people and their team will make sure everything is prepared for one of the biggest days of your lives. 

Restaurant Varder offers you a choice from international cuisine and traditional Macedonian cuisine, depending on the night you want to have. The grilled dishes are simply amazing and prepared by highly skilled chefs, where as the salads and side dishes are made from local, handpicked ingredients. We warmly reccommend you try the kebaps, beef, uvijac, chicken filet in kajmak sauce paired with any of the fresh salads on the menu. Vardar Restaurant also has an extensive list of drinks that include many Macedonian wine brands as well as traditional spirits such as rakija and mastika. 

The warm and cosy ambiance is complemented by the welcoming service of the hosts and weighters who will make your dining experience even that more better. The indoor area is a mix of modern and traditional design, where as the outdoor terraces are wonderful during the summer months as they are surrounded by lush green areas and have a wonderful view of the river Vardar. 

Whether you're staying in Gevgelija, Kozuf Mountain or simply passing through, Motel Restaurant Vardar is a must visit destination that will make you want to come back again.

Address: Vardarski Rid Str. , Central Macedonia, 1480 View Larger Map