Macedonia Square
  • Macedonia Square

  • Address: Center, Skopje-City, 1000
  • +389 3 203 680

Macedonia Square - Macedonia

Enjoy completely relaxed time and capture brilliant views while walking through the beautiful Macedonia Square.

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Macedonia Square is the main square of the capital city of Macedonia, Skopje. It is located at the heart of the city and it is the biggest one in the country.
What makes this place so special and different from all other is its beautiful architecture and design. There are many statues and monuments situated all over the square so you can get more familiar with the rich history of Macedonia. The most noticeable item here is the outstanding fountain above which the statue of the ancient warrior king Alexander the Great is placed. Furthermore, there are many other statues from: Justinian I, Goce Delchev, Samuil, Dimitrija Chupovski and many others. During the night hours the square has a magical look, as it is illuminated by many lights which make the evening walks pleasant and relaxed.
The popular Macedonia Square is an ideal place for spending excellent time with family or friends as there are many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the splendid taste of traditional Macedonian food. Also, the square is situated near many stores so you can have unforgettable shopping experience as well.

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