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Kulite - Macedonia

If you want to learn more about the history of Kratovo, visit Kulite in this town and you will be amazed by the stories that the locals retell about their constructions.

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Any time of the year Kratovo is an attractive place because of its perfect location and unique architectural style. Many buildings and places in the town show how rich and interesting its past was and it attracts the attention of many visitors.
Many towers and bridges are built on several locations in Kratovo. Because of the existence of several rivers Kratovo once had 17 bridges some made of stones and some of wood and concrete. Nowadays, only 6 of those bridges exist but with their beautiful architecture give charm to this small town. Definitely the most impressive buildings in Kratovo are the towers which have splendid architectural style. They were situated on the two sides of the River Tabachka, 5 of them on the one side and 7 towers on the opposite side. There were 12 of them but today only 6 exist although some are completely destroyed. The most popular of them are the towers: Stevan Simikj, Hadzi Kostava's Tower, the tower of Emin Bey and several others. The precise time of their construction is not familiar but it is believed that they are built during the period when Macedonia was under Turkish control. The towers are built of mortar and stone, while the doors, windows, staircases and corners where made of different type of stones. The interior is divided into 3 or 4 floors, on each floor there are windows protected with bars as well as a terrace on the highest floor.
The unique but yet outstanding towers give special mark to the town and are the main reason why the number of tourists constantly grows.

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