Church of St. Nikola
  • Church of St. Nikola

  • Address: 1, Shtip, 2000
  • +389 32 393 240

Church of St. Nikola - Macedonia

A beautiful church which provides tranquility and rest for all visitors.

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Free All Ages Relaxation

Directions to Church of St. Nikola

Shtip prides itself on many buildings and places that must be seen during your visit of this town. One of these buildings is the popular Church of St. Nikola which is a splendid sacred placed that will definitely impress you.
The church was built in 1867 and it was built on the same place where the Church Sifieva dedicated to St. Nicolas once existed. It has a splendid architectural style and many beautiful decorative elements that give harmony to the whole design. Inside the church there are beautiful icons which are part of the perfectly made iconostasis. The main iconostasis counts 67 icons, while the northern part has 16 icons all coloured with vividness.
Besides the tranquility the Church of St. Nikola offers, there is another reason which make this place worth visiting and that is the beautiful gallery where many interesting things can be seen. The gallery was open in 1990 and it is situated within the church, here you will have a chance to seebeautiful icons painted by popular painters, also there are various books, wedding crowns, Psalms, silver crosses, ritual books and many other sacred objects.

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