Sweets & Desserts

Macedonian sweets have a huge influence from oriental cuisine and if you happen to be a sweet tooth then you will enjoy the sweets and desserts served in the restaurants and sweets shops around the country. 

Ravanija is one of the tastiests desserts and is placed near the top of the must try list! It is a specially made dough covered with sherbet and other seasonings if desired such as coconut, chocolate and other sprinkles. Ravanija is most delicious when mixed with ice cream whichever flavour or with traditional fig slatko (product simmilar to jam). Ravanija with some slatko and a cup of hot Macedonian (Turkish) coffee is one of the best snacks.

Alva is another food that has oriental roots and its close relative the Halva has a worldwide reputation. Macedonian Alva is prepared differently than the well known halva and is one of the more popular desserts. Alva is best served with again a cup of hot coffee and for added taste a teaspoon of honey and a sprinkle of cinamon.  

Baklava is a delicious dessert made from phyllo pastry filled in between with chopped nuts and settled in sherbet. When the sweet is finished it's filled with sherbet and is left to sit for almost a day for the sherbet to soak in the pastry and to settle down. One piece is enough and two can make the average person have a sugar rush.

Sutliash is a simple but very delicious dessert made from rice and milk. Sutliash is best served when it's still warm and with a sprinkle of cinamon on the top. 

Tulumba is a popular turkish and oriental sweet that became very popular in Macedonia during the Ottoman rule and has ever since obtained the status of a traditional sweet. It is a fried batter sweet which is soaked in sherbet and is very sweet. Although the shape is the same the tulumba comes in different sizes.

Kadaif is simmilar to the other sweets and is made from shredded phyllo dough which is filled with walnuts and covered with sherbet. Kadaif is delicious when mixed with ice cream and other friuty sweets and sometimes lemon and vanilla sprinkle are added for further taste. 

Ekler is a pastry made from a baked dough and vanilla filling with chocolate spill on the top. This is a dessert and sweet offered at most of the candy and dessert shops and restaurants and is very popular with the locals.