Central Macedonia

Central Macedonia region follows not only the flow of the largest river in the country Vardar but also the most important highway and railway that run from North to South. The famous E-75 road from Skopje to Gevgelija links several cities, cultural hotspots and  historical locations.

Have a look at our overview of the main destinations in Central Macedonia (in alphabetical order):


Gevgelija is the warmest city in the country and rightfully bears the nickname "the sunshine city". Being located at only 3km from the border with the southern neighbours Greece it is an important stop for transit guests. Gevgelija is also called "Macedonian Las Vegas" due to the thriving Casino and Entertainment industry. In a city of 15,000 people there are three top notch five star Casino and Hotel resorts that during weekends work to a full capacity. However there are also smaller gaming centres that are more accessible if you prefer to get straight to the excitement. 

The city is near the mountain Kozuf which is becoming an important year round destination in the country.

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Kavadarci & Negotino

Kavadarci and Negotino are neighbouring cities only 12km away from each other and together are a part of the Tikvesh area.

The Tikvesh area is the main wine producing region of the country with many large wineries situated within a 30km radius. Driving up to the cities one can see the endless vineyards used to produce high quality Macedonian wine. Therefore it's no surprise that the main festival that is dedicated to grape harvesting is called Tikveshki Grozdober (Tikvesh Grape Harvesting), and has taken place every year in  September since 1964. The same grapes are used to create the finest rakija (the Macedonian equivalent of a brandy), which has a strong taste and is best consumed with meze (several dishes of freshly made salads, white and yellow cheese, and other traditional products such as ajvar).

Close to Kavadarci is another of the artificial lakes in Macedonia and this one is called, you guessed it, Tikvesh Lake. Many people from the surrounding areas have built their vacation houses in the vicinity of the Lake as it and the surrounding area provide numerous leisure activities such as fishing, hiking and mountain biking.

The wineries in and around Kavadarci, Negotino and Tikvesh area offer great wine tasting tours and together with their fine restaurants offer a gourmet experience that will light up your senses. 


Stobi is the largest and together with Heraclea the most important archaeological dig in the country. The first mentioning of this ancient city is found in a text that states that in 197 BC Stobi was conquered by Philip V of Macedon and has been added to the Macedionan kingdom. However it is well known that the city has existed many years prior to that event. The ideal geographical position provided a chance for improving trade and soon Stobi became the main spot for salt trading and with that it increased its influence in the region. Throughout the centuries this city has served as an important centre for cultural and religious events .

A must see at this archaeological site are the numerous preserved mosaics which will leave you mesmerized by the craftsmanship of the ancient peoples,  as well as the many structures that have been uncovered and restored, each one with its own story to tell.

Every year, amongst centuries of history , the ancient amphitheater hosts the International Festival of Ancient Drama  which attracts a large number of visitors. Make sure you check our event calendar it's a mustn't miss event.

Stobi is located right next to the highway and it's a must see destination regardless of whether you are a transit guest, a tourist, an expat or a local.


Veles has always been an important city for Macedonian culture and heritage, with several notable writers and artists like Koco Racin, Rajko Zinzifov, Kole Nedelkovski and Petre Prlicko originating from the city or the surrounding area.

Throughout the city there are memorial houses of these great citizens of which most important is the memorial house of Koco Racin. A traditional Macedonian home with a stone foundation and a white facade at the top, inside it has a large collection of memorabilia from the life of the great poet. In his honor there is also the cultural manifestation called Racin's Meetings that attracts international poets to celebrate the work and life of the founder of Macedonian contemporary poetry check out our events calendar to see when is it on.

Veles is also home to the amazing monument called Kosturnica which was built in 1979 to commemorate the struggles of the Macedonian people and is an eternal home of around a hundred of Veles citizens that gave their lives during the second World War. The monument has a five part art painting on the walls representing the Macedonian desire for freedom and the battle the nation fought to gain it. 

Not so far from Veles is the famous holiday spot of Velesko Lake also known as Lake Mladost. This holiday hotspot is very popular during the warmer periods of the year and is often used for picnics, gatherings, barbeque and even fishing. 

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