Gevgelija is the southernmost city in Macedonia and is just 3 km away from the Macedonian-Greek border. A small town with a big character as it's one of the more popular cities in the country for both domestic and foreign tourists. The "sunshine" city as the weather presenters have nicknamed it , has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very  warm summers. Being close to the border with Greece makes the town the perfect rest area for transit guests, with accommodation, restaurants and fun activities in abundance. The residents of Gevgelija are considered to be the warmest and most welcoming people with a long tradition of hospitality. 

Dubbed the Macedonian Las Vegas, the city which is just shy of 20 thousand residents has three five star casino and hotel resorts that operate 24/7 brining lots of excitement in town. The oldest of all Apollonia Hotel and Casino has been in town since 1986 and is the pioneer for gambling in Macedonia. Besides the three major players, there are numerous smaller casinos and gaming locations that offer a less luxurious experience but with the same level of excitement. The gaming industry has also had an influence on the nightlife in the city and although small in numbers the clubs and bars have great week-end programmes especially during the summer period. 

But not everything  in Gevgelija is in the name of extravaganza and luxurious gambling, there is plenty on the offer of alternative tourism as well. Dental tourism is flourishing in the city due to its proximity to Greece and many of the top chains of dental clinics have opened in Gevgelija and there is a health spa with long tradition only three kilometres away from the city centre.

Although Gevgelija lies on the lowest point on the Macedonian geographical map, it happens to be at the foot of Kozuf Mountain. As it is the first higher ground from the plains in northern Greece it acts as a border between Mediterranean and Continental climates making the forests and the climate on the mountain unique. It is also the home of Ski Kozuf, which is the newest member of the Macedonian Ski offer and only 30 km away from Gevgelija it is the perfect destination for thrill seekers. 

Besides the ski adventures the mountain also has three idyllic villages that boast with history and beauty. The village of Smrdliva Voda is on the road towards the ski resort and is a popular tourist destination of the local people. The village got its name from the spring that is at the entrance and its literal translation would be "Smelly Water", since the water coming out of the spring is with a very strong and peculiar smell. Village of Sermenin and Uma are one of the oldest on the mountain and have been there for centuries. Although now there is only several people constantly living in them they remain a popular destination as well. All of these places have stories to tell for several wars, World War I as the front went through the middle of the mountain and World War II as both of this villages were headquarters for the famous and fearless partisans.

Last but definitely not least is the nearby archaeological dig of Vardarski Hill. The dig has resulted in astounding results showing a city dating from as early as 13th century BC at the end of the Bronze age. During the Roman times the city is believed to be named Gortynia which is testified in historical records as one of the centres in ancient Macedonia.