Smolare Waterfalls
  • Smolare Waterfalls

  • Address: Smolari, Strumica, 2400

Smolare Waterfalls - Macedonia

Smolare Waterfalls are synonym for beauty, freshness and calmness, as they are situated in a splendid natural environment.

Smolare Waterfalls is Best For

Free All Ages Nature Relaxation

Directions to Smolare Waterfalls

Located above the small village of Smolare , on the slopes of Belasica Mountain the Smolare Waterfalls are an attractive tourist destination which will definitely impress you.
Deep in the forest, surrounded by splendid green nature, tall trees and various plants, the waterfalls are known for their outstanding beauty and the tranquility and peace they provide for all visitors. They are the highest in Macedonia falling from a height of approximately 40 metres. In order to reach the waterfalls you need to walk across nature path that includes 300 stone steps made from natural materials and pass by wooden bridges which are built by the local villagers. Once you reach them the feeling is indescribable and unforgettable. The completely calm setting and the pure beauty will relax you and will make you forget about all stressed situations.
During the hot summer days, the Smolare Waterfalls are an ideal place for avoiding the high temperatures and enjoying freshness instead.

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