Library Goce Delchev
  • Library Goce Delchev

  • Address: Marshal Tito, Gevgelija, 1480
  • +389 34 213 366

Library Goce Delchev - Macedonia

Use your free time to visit the Library Goce Delchev in Gevgelija and spend time reading and relaxing in a calm ambiance.

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Directions to Library Goce Delchev

The Library "Goce Delchev" in Gevgelija is a tranquil place where you can always relax and spend quality time reading books. The first thing you will notice when coming closer the building is its old and unique but beautiful architectural style. In fact, the library is situated within a building which represents a splendid monument of culture. The building is reconstructed but it still possesses the splendid charm and beauty which date back from the early 19th century. The interior of the library is modern, it is equipped with comfortable chairs and has sophisticated furnishings and pleasant lightining. When it comes to the beeok, here you will find more than 85,000 titles out of which 13,000 are for kids.
The library is located centrally in the town, near the beautiful city square which makes it easily accessible and a place where you can spend excellent time reading books and relaxing.

Address: Marshal Tito , Central Macedonia, 1480 View Larger Map