Shtip is also one of the largest cities in Eastern Macedonia and is considered the textile industry capital of the country. With a vibrant nightlife and the university of Goce Delchev, Shtip is considered an active city with plenty of fun and activities. Shtip is also known as the city under the Isar, which was a medieval fortress whose remains are still visible to this day and is one of the tourist attractions in the city. Besides having to see the ruins of the centuries old fortress the Isar allows for great views of the city and its surroundings. 

Isar at Shtip (photo by: Vesna Markoska)

Like all other cities in Macedonia, Shtip has its own iconic church, Saint Archangel Michael Church. It is located on the road towards the Isar and dates back to 14th century and is believed to be built in either 1332 or 1350 by Protosevastes Hrleja. Although a small church some remains of the inside paintings still remain. 

Novo Selo is another nearby destination. A small village that has many houses built in traditional Macedonian style . If it wasn't for the pavement, walking down the streets of Novo Selo may feel like in a time machine, travelling back in time for several centuries.

Church of St. Archangel Michael (photo by: Vesna Markoska)

Besides the surrounding areas, the city itself has many things to visit, see and experience. For instance one cannot visit Shtip without trying the Shtipska pastrmajlia which is the local dish known countrywide. It is made out of a special dough topped with different types of meat and is a salty and delicious meal that usually goes well with hot green peppers. 

Bezisten in Shtip, now an art galery (photo by: Vesna Markoska)

Walking down the centre of Shtip you can visit the Museum of Shtip that has many artifacts from the nearby archeological dig Astibo, the clock tower that was initially built as a protection tower for the local Ottoman Bay and the old Bezisten that used to be a closed market but today is used as an art gallery. The central area of Shtip is also full of coffee bars, coffee shops and clubs so if you are looking to party and have a good time, city centre is a safe bet. 

View of Shtip by night (photo by: Vesna Markoska)