Berovo is surely one of the most beautiful mountainous towns in Macedonia. Small, but charming and historically rich town, located in the very eastern part of Macedonia, around 180 km away from the capital Skopje. Lying on both banks of the River Bregalnica with an absolute altitude between 830-900m and favorable climate, Berovo is a town with the highest oxygen concentration at the Balkans. The average annual temperature is  11.1 °C, while the temperature in summer is around 19°C.

Berovo Pine Forrest

The town of Berovo itself is a picturesque, idyllic, small mountainous town. Although its population is around 7,000 permanent residents, there are many tourists coming and going throughout the whole year.

Berovo has an ample offer of various tourist attractions, with nature being predominant. The Mountains of Maleševo with the pine forests are even compared to the mountainous areas of Switzerland. Through five marked hiking trails (some of them suitable for mountain biking) you can reach several tourist villages, the stunning mountain scenery and lake Berovsko. 

Enjoying Berovo Surroundings

Although an artificial mountainous lake, the scenery it creates is simply breathtaking. Many of the idyllic mountain homes, cottages and hotels are built around it. Besides enjoying the view, you can hike through the pine forests surrounding it, do some fishing or just pick up a great spot to have a picnic.

Berovo Lake (photo by: Novica Nakov)

Berovo is the most important town in the Maleshevija region, which is on the forefront of alternative and eco tourism. Traditional food prepared from entirely eco home grown products is a must try. The delicious banici, white cheese, mountain potatoes, vegetables and meat give another dimension to the experience. 

One of the many ranches in and around Berovo

The most iconic sight in Berovo is the Monastery of St. Archangel and Michael, which started off as a church which was built in 1818. The Monastery was built during Ottoman rule and as a prerequisite of approving its construction  the local pasha demanded that the church must be lower than the houses surrounding it, so the locals had to dig a hole in the ground before building the church. When the Monastery was made the walls surrounding it didn't allow for a single glimpse of the serenity and beauty that lies beyond it.

Monastery of St. Archangel and Michael (photo by: Vesna Markoska)

If you prefer exploring  the Berovo area “on wheels”  you have the opportunity to ride part of the “Iron Curtain Trail”, a cycling route that passes through twenty European countries linking memorials, museums, and facilities commemorating Europe’s divided history  and united future.  Berovo provides an unforgettable stay with possibilities for sport and recreation, here you can have picnic with your friends, or you can see and pick medical herbs, tea plants and forest fruits. You can visit some traditional mountains ranches, seeing the traditional way of sheep herding and the making of the famous Maleshevija white cheese. 

Berovo is simply put, an astonishing place!