Kurshumli An
  • Kurshumli An

  • Address: Atanas Babata, Skopje-City, 1000

Kurshumli An - Macedonia

Kurshumli An is a beautiful Islamic building which represents a significant monument of culture and a place where many events occur.

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Located in the well-known Old Bazaar and only several minutes away of the popular Macedonia Square, Kurshumli An represents a significant monument of culture where many events occur.
It was built during the middle of the 16th century and it is a significant example of the beautiful Islamic architecture style. Kurshumli An is made of thick walls and it has an open courtyard, shadrvan and a beautifully crafted fountain situated in its centre. The window arches give this place a special charm and more beautiful look. On the ground floor there are numerous square stone columns which make the whole appearance of the building outstanding. Kurshumli An also has sixty rooms some of which are located on the ground floor and some of them are situated on the upper floor. The rooms which are on the ground floor serve for storages of goods while the rooms on the first floor are used for rest and overnight stay. The interior of Kurshumli An is magnificent and the pleasant tranquility which fulfills the place will make you feel relaxed and together with the whole setting you will feel like being a part from a medieval story.
In the yard of Kurshumli An many cultural events occur and attract the attention of people from Macedonia and abroad.

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